Where there is insanity, there is humor. Getting pregnant naturally vs. going through IVF is insanely different. Doing IVF 10 times to have my two children was simply insane. 

My name is Tasha Blasi.  I am a fertility coach and patient advocate and the founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project (FU Project). 

After my fertility journey, I became everyone's BFF (best fertility friend.)  I would often hear, "I told my friend to call you because she is doing IVF and you know everything about IVF." 

Soon I saw pattern of the same mistakes, bad information being told to patients, and anxiety and fears being one of the biggest problems.  I wanted to change the IVF process.  It did not need to be as hard as they were making it.

So, I created a program to help women, with various fertility issues, get pregnant quickly and with her health, happiness, and relationships better than when she started her fertility journey. To date, my success rates are 100% with a maximum of two transfers before a healthy pregnancy for any of my clients.

WTF?  How??!!

Well, I had the advantage of studying and teaching biology, chemistry, and nutrition, going through too many rounds of IVF myself,  helping women around the world with their fertility journey, and being an insider at some of the top fertility clinics when gathering facts and research and trends.   My methods are based on scientific research....except the time when I rubbed watermelon and molasses all over my stomach....just watch the video here.

I have an unbiased, macro-perspective of the fertility industry.  Not many people in the industry can claim that fact. 

Overall, I believe that my difficult path to parenthood was meant to help others.  And I am honored to be a part of your journey.

Now, before we get in bed together, here’s a little bit about me.

I’m from Mt. Prospect, IL with a say-it-like-it-is family that includes my parents (opposites attract), my older sister (beautiful/hilarious actor, Rosa Blasi), younger brother (funniest person I know), older half-sister (busier than Oprah) and half-brother. I majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry, and then taught high school biology and middle school chemistry in Los Angeles for seven years. 

Next, I headed to the east coast when I turned 30 for Brian Pannuzzo.  Brian is my sperm donor...and husband.  

Instead of getting re-credentialed for teaching when I moved, I went into advertising sales for a media company. This might seem like a weird jump, but I’d been creating small businesses since college. I excelled in my advertising career for eleven years.

Then, at 40 years old, and in the most executive position of my advertising career, I found myself still wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up.  

Enter Sarah Walton, Business Mentor. Within two meetings we created the Fertilitites Unite Project because of my overwhelming passion for helping women go through the IVF process smoothly.

Everyone I spoke to agreed that The FU Project was needed.

Including the universe.

Six days after Sarah and I created the business plan for The FU Project, my advertising division was shut down, and my corporate job was eliminated.  

Hello, Universe. Yes, I hear you loud and clear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

From that moment on, The FU Project became my full-time career, and I feel so blessed.

It never gets old to hear that I am the reason why someone has a baby.  For some, that is true- they would not be parents without meeting me.  For others, they would have been successful eventually.  Just not with their happiness and mental health intact...and for a lot more time and money invested into the journey.

Finally, here are my super cute kids, Hudson and Mila.  My sister calls them "Expensive."  I call them "Karma."  When you put years of love and energy into something, you have to end up with something extraordinary.

Thanks & Love,