VIDEO: A Psychic Answers Our Fertility Questions

Want to get answers to questions that are unanswerable?  This is where Isabelle Otero comes in.  When I was going on my 10th round of IVF, I found Isabelle.  She is a psychic healer and is able to "get messages" to answer our biggest questions. I wanted to know if I was ever going to get pregnant again and why it wasn't working. 

In this interview, I ask her questions for anyone going through a tough fertility journey such as, "Have you ever seen a baby after a miscarriage?"  I wanted to know because I had one and wonder what the purpose of that life coming into to me for such a short time meant. I could hardly get the question out without tearing up. 

She also answers, "Do children pick their parents or vice versa?"  And, "Can you change your destiny?"

Isabelle is also the psychic that I mention in my video, "The CRAZIEST thing I ever tried to get pregnant."

I hope you enjoy Isabelle's positive, happy light as much as I do.  I still see her a couple times a year to check in.  

P.S. Isabelle can do reading via video.  Click here to set up an appointment and let her know you know me- she will extend a one-time 10% discount.