Are You Afraid of Your Embryos?

If so, I understand why, but don’t be.

They were made for you and, for some, by you. They are there for a reason and deserve to be loved.

What is the reason? I don’t know.

But I know that it’s for something good. They might be there because they are the embryos that will create the most perfect child that will come at the most perfect time. Or they might be a placeholder for those children.

Stating the obvious, you will be devastated if they don’t stick. That is a normal reaction. But if you choose to stay in love with the embryos leading up to the pregnancy test, rather than in fear of them, you will be able to bounce back more quickly understanding that they were there for good, but was not going to most perfect child for you.

So love them and thank them for arriving. They deserve it and so do you. You will be a happier, healthier mom for it.

Sending your embryos and you so much thanks and love,