Do It or Skip It- Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is like dry humping with jeans on.  It usually doesn’t work and you just end up frustrated, disappointed, annoyed, and sore.

Plus, you have to go to about as many annoying appointments as you do for IVF.  Plus, the newest stats say that there is a 8% chance of it working. Plus, the drug that you have to take (that devil of a pill called Clomid) will make you F*CKING BAT SH*T CRAZY, or they put you on the same injectables as you would take with IVF (so same drugs, same time, but much lower success rates).  

BUT there are times when IUI is the right move so let’s so a quick “Do It of Skip It” session with IUI.

Do it:

  • You have no known fertility issues (and neither does your partner) and you have been trying to conceive correctly (talk to me about that) for at least six months.
  • You have no known fertility issues but you don’t have a partner, or your partner does not have a penis, and you are starting to try for a family.

  • You have to do IUI before insurance will pay for IVF.

  • IUI is covered by insurance and does not dip into your IVF coverage.

  • You are going to an exceptional fertility clinic and not your OB/GYN

  • Your fertility clinic is planning on IVF, but has to switch you to IUI because you are not responding to the drugs well.

Skip it:

  • You don’t fit into the criteria in “Do it.”

  • You have a limited amount of time, money, energy, and mental health to spend on your fertility journey.

  I hope that this information helps you move forward on your fertility journey!

With thanks & love,