How to Share with Fellow Fertilitites Your Pregnancy News

I HATED IVF support groups when I was going through IVF. 

I know, I know, hate is a strong word.  I meant, I FUCKING HATED IVF support groups when I was going through IVF.

Everyone who posted was either much more successful than I was...which depressed me. Or, everyone who posted was failing and having miscarriages...which depressed me.

So, I stayed away from them when going through my journey.

In my program, however, I have a secret Facebook group for all of my clients. But the goal is the same as my program-education, preparation, empowerment, support, and to laugh and have some fun in this not-so-funny and "un-fun" process.

The women tend to get close very quickly and often meet up when they live near each other.

This week, someone else is so pregnant that she is graduating from her fertility clinic and, therefore, my program.

She wanted to know if she should share her good news with the group or just keep it to herself so that she doesn’t trigger anyone.

I get this question a lot and always encourage the pregnant woman to share as long as she follows an easy formula. See, when news of your pregnancy is properly presented, it doesn’t trigger, it helps others build confidence in their own journey.

So, I wanted to share the formula that I created for sharing your pregnancy news within an IVF support group.  This should be in writing and not presented on the gives the receiver a second to digest personally.  Also note, this was for someone in my program, so I customized it for that person, but you can edit as needed.

First, start with the good news and share it as really good news.  
Second, share a summary of your fertility journey before joining the program (so they know how far you have come).
Third, share the strategies that you learned and the specific changes you made in Science, Environments, Mindset, and Support within the program that you feel made the biggest differences (so they know what helped you be successful and how they can also be successful).
Last, end with giving thanks and love to all of the women and their babies that are coming soon and promise to have your baby put in a good word for all of the other spirit babies that are still looking for their mom.

With this formula, the women in your support group will feel more love, hope, and empowerment than fear, doubt, and sadness, when they hear your news.

And that last part will make them smile.

For audio interview of my clients such as Sara who has asked for this advice, just click here.