VIDEO: I HEART Men with Low Sperm Count

My husband Brian is a man-and-a-half. Literally. He is 6'6", fit and muscular. He’s been an awarded athlete all his life and continues to works his booty off to be the most amazing dad, husband, self, and he’s successful at all of those things.

Everything he’s accomplished has been due to his incredible discipline and hard work.

Most importantly he is a piece of ass! DAAAAM.

Don't gag because I’m still in love with him after all of these years.

We went through a lot together. He almost died one year.

Because I almost killed him.


The short version is that we had a newborn and I was chained to the couch breastfeeding.  I was also sleep deprived, bouncing a baby that would not stop crying, not showered, hungry, and recovering from a c-section.  One night he came home happy, refreshed, and full from a client dinner.  I was fine until I heard that they started with the seafood tower.  After that, I just saw red.
Anyway, this man-and-a-half has a low sperm count. That makes people uncomfortable to hear.

 Like I just told them that he whimpers and calls me mommy every time he ejaculates. Now that would be uncomfortable to hear.  (He does not do that, by the way.)

He isn’t embarrassed about his low sperm count, so you shouldn’t be either.
What does it mean to have low sperm count? How do people even know?   

Here a telltale sign that someone has low sperm count.  Have the person in question ejaculate into your hand. Take your hand, very carefully, into a lab.  Place your hand under a very powerful microscope and started counting.  

Seems a little bit hard to tell, right?  So why can't we talk about this more often? It’s much more common than you know. 40% of fertility issues involve the male partner.  I hear about it when consulting other women through IVF, and they warn me that they have people who can take me out if I ever tell anyone.
This low sperm count is what led us to IVF. In order to have a baby naturally they like to see the count around 40M or more. For IUI it needs to be 10M or more.  

Brian has 4M. That’s right kids! It doesn’t take just one as they preach in high school nutrition class.

Causes of low sperm count can be medical, environmental, genetic, due to lifestyle, or unknown. Brian's was unknown.

When he found out, he wasn’t embarrassed, but he was bummed- he could’ve been a lot less careful in college.

Next was figuring out what we were going to say when people asked us why we were doing IVF.  It came up for us and it will come up for you, too. I created the post, "Absurd and Embarrassing Answers to Absurd and Embarrassing Questions," for you so you’re prepared when it starts happening.

I asked my husband, “So what do you want me to say when people ask why we have to do IVF?”  

And he said, “You should say I have low sperm count.”  

So that was our approach. We’d talk openly about it, take away any stigma that low sperm count was something to hide and be really embarrassed about, and it worked.