The Cost of My IVF Program

When I tell a woman the price of my program, I either get, “That’s it?!” Or, “[choke] Oh, wow.  I didn’t think it would be that much.”

Let’s address the latter.

I get it.  She is about to spend money on IVF to get pregnant.  Pregnancy for most is free and take two minutes if she is really lucky.  And now I’m asking her to spend more before an already expensive procedure?

Yes!!!  Because with no doubts and loads of research, I can tell her that the costs of doing IVF without me are 10x-20x higher than the cost of my program.

Let me start with my own fertility journey.

I did ten rounds of IVF instead of 2-4 to get my two children.*  The financial cost was in the tens of thousands (with insurance).

*NOTE: My success rate is 100% with a maximum of 2 embryo transfer.  So, worst case scenario, I would have done four rounds to get my two children.  But, based on what my clients have experienced, most likely would have needed two egg retrievals and 2-3 transfers for two children.

But there was so much more to that cost emotionally, physically, and mentally such as the cost of...

-Injecting myself with hundreds of extra drugs through those ten rounds.  But because I did, I get an ultrasound on my ovaries every six months for life since no one seems to know if there are any effects of long-term hormone use.
-Putting my life on hold for all of those years.
-Being a mother and feeling guilty that I wanted more than I already had.
-Having IVF interfere with my career.
-Paying for different herbs, supplements, doctor consults, and acupuncturists.
-Taking constant gut punches every time I saw OPBs (other people’s babies), heard the news that my friend was accidentally pregnant, or was asked when was I going to have another child.

So, what would I have paid to have only gone through 2-3 rounds of IVF for my children?  I don’t know...probably $50,000. And I would have still come out ahead.

But I also think of how much I would have paid for things like clarity that what I was spending my time, money, and energy on was the perfect thing for me so I could save all of those things instead of wasting them.  I had a career and a life and IVF was getting in the way of all of it.

Plus, there was so much to do and try (eat gluten-free, see this doctor, do acupuncture, try vaginal steam, pray to this saint, rub this rock) and I was doing it all...except the vagina steam.  I was exhausted. I would have paid ANY AMOUNT for someone to create a customized blueprint for my pregnancy. A simple, focused, concise, step-by-step guide to better egg retrievals and better embryo transfers specifically for me would have been priceless.

And I know what I would have paid to get some control and answers.  Like most, I like to control things that are massive investments in my time, energy, mental health, family, career, and IVF.

I had no control or answers and could not keep hearing, “Everything is perfect. Let’s just try again!”  

And I know what I would have paid to have had the option to complete my family.  It’s possible that I was never supposed to have three children, and I accept that, but I will never know because I ran out of options.  If I had only gone through a couple of rounds of IVF correctly, as my clients do, I could have chosen to have two children, but with the option to have more.

Overall, if someone would have said to me...

“Hey, I am going to show you what is keeping you from getting or staying pregnant. You won’t make any mistakes with me, and you’ll never get stuck. In the end, you will be happier and healthier than when you started, but, if you aren’t pregnant, you will get your money back”

... I would have tried to make-out with her.

And, for all of those reasons and more, no, I don’t understand it when women tell me that my program costs too much no matter how much they have already spent (because they are just about to waste more) and even those that are taking out loans to pay for IVF (because they MUST get it right the first time.)

So, whether you are just starting IVF, or have completed multiple rounds of IVF, I would love to help you get started on the right path with a complementary strategy session where I can help you start to uncover your fertility mystery.

And if I ask you to take one of the spots available in my program, but you think the financial cost is too high, please lie to me and tell me that you can’t stand my Chicago accent that slips at times.  I will completely understand that reason for passing up this opportunity. :)

With thanks & love,