Frequently Asked Questions

Please read before requesting a complimentary fertility strategy session

Note: There is no obligation to work with me by signing up for a complimentary strategy session.

I have never heard of someone like you.  What exactly do you do?
I work with women that are struggling in their fertility journey.  She tells me her goals and I give her a customized blueprint on how to get to that goal in the time she requested.

Who do you work with?
I work with anyone who is having fertility issues.  

I currently have women that are still trying to conceive naturally even though they have fertility issues such as multiple miscarriages, PCOS, or endometriosis. I have women who are being told they need donor eggs and don’t want to consider that option yet, so we are working together so that they can take a holistic but aggressive approach to her last efforts to have a baby that is biologically hers. I have women just starting IVF for the first time that have fears and don’t want to make any mistakes from the start because they know that any errors will ultimately cost them so much more time and money and energy to fix, and I work with women who have had multiple failed embryo transfers for absolutely no reason, but know there is a reason, and so they want to find and fix that reason.

As you can see, I don’t have a typical client, but they all have one thing is common- they refuse to waste any more of their limited time, money, energy, and mental health in their fertility journey.  They feel like something is missing from keeping them from getting or staying pregnant and must find out what it is.

Will your program work for me?
I don’t know yet.  But if you are willing to make some changes in your current fertility journey, and you refuse to waste any more of your time, money, energy trying to figure this out on your own, we should talk.  

I’m scared. Will you make me change doctors? 
I might determine that your medical team you put together will not get you to your goals quickly, but this decision is something that I do with you.  Some women come to me in the middle of their fertility journey with a medical team in place and I can still work with them and get them to their goals.

Just know that any recommendations that I make will be convenient.  I know that you have a job to get to each morning.

You talk a lot about the importance of the right fertility clinic and doctor.  How do you pick the clinic?  Do you always recommend the same ones?
The clinic choices that I present to each client are crafted after I understand their needs, limitations, financial situation, insurance, and personality.  It is like a puzzle.  I don’t always recommend the same one.  I have clients all over the world.

Do you get referral fees or any payment for referring patients to these clinics?
No. I refuse to link my recommendations to revenue goals.  If I am recommending something/someone to you, it is because I know for certain that it will propel your fertility journey forward.  And that is a very short list.

Why should I believe you over my fertility clinic for the best strategies to be successful getting pregnant?  
It is not about believing me over your fertility clinic; it is about working with me and your fertility clinic.

I can’t, and don’t want to do what your fertility clinic does, and they can’t, and don’t know how to do what I do, but you need both to be successful.  Yes, I had to bold that one :)

If a successful fertility journey were just dependent on the fertility clinic you choose, then the fertility clinics would have close to a 100% success rate.  But they don’t.  They have an average of a 35% success rate* because the Science is just one elements that you need to be successful. 

Plus, not every clinic’s Science is created equally.  If you choose the right clinic and the right doctor, your success rates can increase by 20% or more.*  But even at the most exceptional fertility clinics, your success rates are approximately 55%* (pending many factors.)

When you have all necessary elements working together, your success rates get close to the 100%! And mine are!  I have successfully shown 100% of my clients how to get pregnant (and stay pregnant) after the 1st or 2nd embryo transfer no matter what their issue was when they started working with me.  Yes, even those that were told they couldn’t do IVF due to their low egg reserve.

And fertility clinics agree with me that it takes so much more than just the science.  Several top fertility clinics have already reached out to me on how they could integrate my program into their clinic.  Fertility clinics are losing money and dropping in success rates due to their lack of focus on all the other elements, and they know that I am the one person who can help.

Have you ever worked with someone who did not get pregnant?

How many women have you worked with?

Is there a guarantee?
Yes!  If you try my program and it doesn’t work for you, and you can’t get pregnant, you will get all of your money back.  

So, think of it this way.  You decide to continue to do it your today.  And a year later you are still not pregnant but also angrier, sadder, more fearful, less hopeful, less patient with nothing to show for it.  You have gained nothing and wasted a lot.

OR, you decide to do it my way.  And a year later, you are still not pregnant, but happier, healthier, confident, less stressed, more empowered, have no regrets or jealousy or resentment. You get your money back because you are not pregnant. So, you have gained many things and wasted nothing.

No strings attached.  No risk.  All gain. I refuse to be a part of the financial, time, energy, and emotional drain that the fertility industry breeds. 

Are you a doctor or nurse?
No, I am a coach.  My education is in biology and chemistry, but the majority of my strategies were gathered through years helping other women get through their fertility journey much faster and cheaper than I did.  I did ten rounds of IVF to have my two children.  Once I launched the FU Project, I took a deep dive into the fertility industry to learn who was doing it right and what could delay success.  I studied the science, I studied the environmental factors, I studied how the brain works, and I know what women need to propel their journey forward and get the right support.  So, I am an expert in the field, an insider at some of the top fertility clinics, but also a peer- I know what it is like to be you right now.  I have been through every appointment and disappointment.

Will this program be a huge investment of time because I have none?
This program will not be a huge investment of your time.  We take it one step at a time at your pace.  However, if you come to me two weeks before an IUI or before your embryo transfer, I am going to have to move a lot faster with you in a much shorter time.  

Will you take away everything I love and put me on a restrictive diet?
No.  I will not take away everything that you love because I want you to feel good in this process.  

Plus, everyone’s needs are different so the strategy and things that you need will depend on where you start and where you want to go.  

I am thrilled to report that all of my clients have told me that they are much happier and less anxious since starting my program.  And most admit that they never thought it was possible.

I am about to start IVF in a couple of weeks.  Can I still start and work with you or will I have to delay it?
Yes you can start and will not have to delay it.  We will just work together faster.

How long is your program?
The program starts the day we agree that you will be a good fit and ends when you are pregnant.  

How much does the program cost?
The investment in the program is a one-time fee no matter how long you are in it.  It is a four-figure investment that I will share if you are interested in working with me.

I didn’t think the cost would be so much.  Why is it so much?
First, you don't know how much it is yet :)  Second, the ROI (return on investment) is tremendous.  In fact, my program saves you tens of thousands of dollars on average AND shows you exactly how to get and stay pregnant.  Your fertility journey, when NOT executed correctly, will be a huge expense to you.  Not just financially, but mentally and emotionally.  

Couples that make mistakes in their fertility journey, or suffer miscarriages, must invest even more time in the recovery of the body and mind before they start again and risk being in the same position. With me, there are no mistakes, and there are no risks. You never invest any of your resources unless it helps you get pregnant, and stay pregnant, quickly.  

How do you save me money?
I dramatically cut the time it takes for you to get pregnant and therefore reduce all of the financial, physical, and emotional costs of your fertility journey.

In my current group alone I have a woman who did four rounds of IVF ($100K+) with nothing to show before joining my program. She is on target to have three children (at different times) even though she is 40 with no wasted rounds of IVF.   

I have a woman who just saved $33K in her fertility journey by knowing how to get fertility treatment discounts when her insurance didn’t cover it.  Plus, she was being refused IVF treatments by specific fertility clinics and told she needed donor eggs.  She saved the $30K in donor egg fees and currently has HER genetically normal embryos on ice due to my connections and recommendations. 

Another woman found $15K worth of fertility benefits at her insurance company after our first phone call.  Plus, while going through a personal tragedy, has learning how to be more positive and fearless in their journey and her relationship with her husband is better than what she ever dreamed possible (priceless).

Another did not have to start IVF all over again ($26K saving)  because she found me when she had only one genetically healthy embryo left (after multiple failed embryo transfers).  I showed her how to improve implantation, and it worked. She is pregnant.  

Another woman is saving herself the cost of possibly having to do IVF ($26K ever time she would have tried) by learning how she can still get pregnant naturally even though she is being told she must do IVF.  

Another woman is experiencing pregnancy without a miscarriage for the first time since working with me (priceless).

I could go on and on.  And these are just the financial savings.  If you ask any of my clients what price they would put on going through this journey knowing how to be more fearless and confident and feeling less lonely and wholly guided throughout, and actually happy, I am sure they would put a $10K+ price tag on that part alone.

Even more powerful is the investment that people tell me they would have paid if they knew about me when they were trying to get pregnant.  These people do not have the family that they spent years trying to create. One husband told me that if he could go back in time and work with me, he would have paid me over $100,000 not to have gone through all of the pain that his wife and he went through during the several years of unsuccessfully trying to have a second child.  

Can I talk to someone in the program?
Yes, but I would prefer to keep my clients as private and uninterrupted as much as possible.  For that reason, I have audio interviews on my testimonial page for you to check out and other private ones that I can send to you as well.

How do I start?
The next step is to schedule a call with me.  When you schedule, there is a quick Q&A to fill out.  This will give me a good overview of your journey so far.  If I believe that I can help you with just some resource links, I will send those links to you and cancel our call.  Otherwise, I will come prepared for our call with a customized strategy to share with you. 

Reminder: There is no obligation to work with me by signing up for a complimentary strategy session.

 This is not what I look like talking to you.  i will be in workout gear.  And that is not my office- it's my kitchen.  but You won't see me.  So, Please just imagine that i always look this well dressed and lighted. 

This is not what I look like talking to you.  i will be in workout gear.  And that is not my office- it's my kitchen.  but You won't see me.  So, Please just imagine that i always look this well dressed and lighted. 


* Preliminary subsequent outcome (frozen cycle)