Tasha Blasi has created a strategy to IVF and her course organizes it into bite-size videos.

Tasha Blasi, founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project (FU Project) is a former Biology teacher and 10x patient of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). She has accumulated knowledge from her IVF experiences (four clinics), scientific education, teaching background, and passion for helping women go through their personal fertility journey so that you can go through IVF easier, smarter, and cheaper than she did. 

If you are starting IVF or have had many failed rounds of IVF, these videos are a must-have to efficiently go through IVF and to conquer your fertility journey.

She saves you time, money, emotional and physical energy with her advice, tips, and strategy.  If your goal is to get through IVF quickly and effectively so you can move on with your life, you must have this course as a resource.

“Tasha’s online course is AMAZING. She is relateable, honest, and super well researched. Most importantly, she is calming and conveys her messages in a clear, yet comforting manner. The videos are well produced, easy to follow, engaging, and to the point. I highly recommend watching these videos before or during your IVF journey.”

Dr. Jaime Knopman, MD- Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, NY

"If it wasn't for [Tasha's] course, Patient-to-Patient Guide to IVF, her amazing warmth, expertise, and generosity then I am sure I would not have considered moving forward with the IVF process. Her videos educated me, guided me and reassured all the way through. I am now only a few days away from my first transfer which could deliver a beautiful baby into our lives. I can not recommend Tasha enough. She was my Best Fertility Freind when I didn't have anyone to talk to. If it wasn't for her course I am sure I would not be where I am on my fertility journey. 

Holly, NJ

“Tasha provided comfort, knowledge, and extra reassurance with positivity and confidence,
which are the two things missing most during this difficult time.”

Kim, Westfield, NJ

"I couldn't stop watching the [Patient-to-Patient Guide to IVF] videos once I started. It was the first time I was listening to someone talk about IVF in a way that I could relate and made me laugh. Tasha's sense of humor and candidness guided me through what I was going to experience and validated the emotions I was feeling along the way. In preparing me for the road ahead, I felt empowered to embrace the steps to come. IVF is not easy but knowing what to expect made my journey easier and helped me to realize I was not alone. I joke with my husband, don't worry my BFF, Tasha, says... I'm so glad I found this course."

Michelle, NJ

"Tasha was great at bringing clarity, talking me through each step of the way and, most importantly,
giving me some tips that I feel helped get me pregnant."

Brandy, Los Angeles, CA

“She is real. Honest. Knowledgeable. And also, funny as hell.” 

Mel, Chicago, IL

“I trusted her completely and through her knowledge, guidance, and sense of humor,
I was able to get through it and was successful after the very first round!”

Lauren, New York, NY

“Tasha made IVF feel much less lonely with her upbeat and frank advice.
She even got me to laugh about how ridiculous the IVF process can be!”

Laura, Chicago, IL

“Probably the best part of having Tasha be my coach is the amount of questions
that could be answered with great depth given Tasha's own experiences.”

Andrea, New York, NY

“Tasha gets more people pregnant than married NBA players!”

Rosa Blasi, actor/author/comedian, and her sister


Sound-bites from each lesson of the online course.