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Today I was thinking, "Would I have hired me when I was going through IVF?"

The answer is an easy, "No."

When I was starting IVF, I was young and we needed to do IVF because of my husband’s low sperm count. By round two, I was pregnant.

So, that was a good decision to not hire an expert guide, right?

Well yes, IF I didn’t want more than one child.

If I had set myself up correctly the first time, I could have been in a position to have never needed to do another egg retrieval again and still had the option to have more children.

Instead, for baby #2, I went through round 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (all separate egg retrievals except for round 8) without even a positive pregnancy test, and no reason why it was not working. I had perfect levels, lots of eggs, and had been pregnant before.

It was the most confusing and frustrating time of my life. My seemingly healthy body was broken and no one knew how to fix it.

I was finally successful again on my ninth egg retrieval and tenth embryo transfer four clinics, three years, and multiple anxiety attacks later.

But the hardest part was coming to terms with knowing that I ran out of the OPTION to have more biological children because there was no way that I was doing IVF again and didn’t have any extra embryos.

So, just as I would not have hired me to begin my fertility journey, I rarely work with women that are on their first or second round of IVF. Like me, they have confidence in this very scientific process.

But I would have hired me around my fourth failed round of IVF like most of my clients do when time and money, energy and mental health is almost completely drained. 

And the first thing I hear is, "I wish I knew about you when I first started. I would have saved so much time and money. I just so tired now and feel like I have made so many mistakes."

I assure her that she did the best with the information that she had available at the time and an action is only a mistake if you fail and stay stuck. Otherwise, it’s a lesson.

So, quick fertility hack to save you $75,000 or more: learn from someone else’s mistakes (like mine) to create powerful lessons for your own fertility journey.

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