EP13: Do it or Skip It: Egg Preservation

“You must pick the best lab before you ever consider Egg Preservation.”

- Episode 14 (4:17 - 4:27)

The facts you need to know about Egg Preservation.

This was the topic for my latest episode of the FU Project podcast. You can listen here.

Recently, on two separate occasions, I was approached by a middle-aged woman asking whether it was a good idea for her to freeze their eggs. I wasn’t surprised. The race to preserve unfertilized eggs is a growing trend amongst women protective over their shot at motherhood. However, there is much to consider before you invest thousands of dollars in Egg Preservation. Learn the facts to determine whether this is a good idea for you!

“In the Egg Preservation process, you don’t just need your eggs taken out and frozen. You need those eggs then thawed, fertilized, grown, and potentially frozen and thawed again. That’s a lot of manipulation. You can’t just go to any lab using any embryologist to do that! You have to go to the best of the best.” - Episode 13 (3:10 - 3:38)

I know you fear that the window to motherhood is closing! But slow down and gather all the information before you freeze your eggs.

Understand the facts of Egg Preservation to assess whether it would be best for you to try or skip.

  • Do it… if you have access to a great lab and a positive snapshot of your ability to produce eggs from Day 3 Testing. Day 3 Testing can help you gain a clear understanding of your current baseline and where you fall in relation to your age group. I’ll admit it’s not an exact measurement of your resting follicle count and hormone levels. But it’s the best option we currently have. Begin testing every 6 months, then drop to once a year if nothing has changed.

  • Skip it… if you can’t easily afford it or have a male partner. You wouldn’t believe how many people tell me their husbands and boyfriends refuse to do a sperm analysis! While I understand the embarrassing nature of it, the possibility of pregnancy should outweigh the cost. Ask why, if your male partner isn’t willing to do whatever it physically or emotionally takes to have a child. Have an open conversation to set clear parenting expectations.

  • Bottom Line… aside from the needs listed above, there is only one aspect you really need to consider Egg Preservation. You need the right clinic! There are so many steps of manipulation involved that need special care and attention. Be sure to invest in the best of the best or you will be highly disappointed in your waste of precious time and energy on useless eggs.

“One of the cons to egg preservation is you don’t really get a look at your ability to make embryos. You just get a look at your ability to make eggs.” - Episode 13 (12:56 - 13:15)

Egg Preservation is a great option for just about every woman, even those with cancer. If you’re about to undergo intensive treatment, then I’d highly suggest checking out the Chick Mission. They are a non-profit organization that helps cancer patients ensure their fertility future. Otherwise, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to have the right clinic for Egg Preservation. The only con is the procedure itself doesn’t tell you more than your ability to produce eggs.

Listen back to my last edition of “Do It or Skip It” on Episode 9 to review a list of options available. As long as you educate yourself on all your options, and understand all the facts, you have the power to choose the best path to motherhood.

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