EP9: Do It or Skip It: IUI, TTC Naturally, and Genetic Testing

“There are so many variables that go into a fertility journey and into creating a direct path to parenthood.” - Episode 9 (21:11 - 21:22)

The facts you need to know about IUI, TTC Naturally, and Genetic Testing.

As infertility rates grow, women are provided false information and pushed towards the “one right way” to get pregnant. However, there are so many options available for you on your fertility journey! Learn the facts of three common but different methods for conception before bombarding yourself with appointments and exhausting your time and energy. In sifting through each of their pros and cons, you can begin to build the best path for you and your partner towards parenthood.

“If there is a possibility for you to get pregnant another way and you have options, we’re going to create a journey where those options are included within your timeline of when you want to get pregnant.” - Episode 9 (9:43 - 9:56)

I know you’re anxious to get pregnant! But slow down and gather all the information before you jump right in.

Understand the facts to assess whether it would be best for you to try or skip IUI, TTC Naturally, or Genetic Testing.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

  • Do it...if you or your partner have no known fertility issues and you’ve been trying to conceive naturally for 6 months. Also, if you have no known fertility issues and you are without a partner, or with a partner of the same sex, then this may be a good option for you! In some cases, it may even be possible and appropriate to convert an IVF to an IUI. Consult your doctor on whether you are eligible to switch over, especially if you are in the middle of an IVF round and are not seeing many eggs.

  • Skip it…if you don’t fit any of the criteria above! IUI requires time, money, and energy to spend. If you don’t have an unlimited amount of any of those right now, I recommend heading straight to IVF instead.

  • Bottom Line… IUI has an 8% to 35% success rate IF you complete 3 rounds. After those 3 rounds though, your chances for success actually start to decrease. While IUI is not my favorite, if your insurance covers it, requires you to try IUI first before IVF, or doesn’t cut into your fertility fund, then I say go for it! No matter what, give it at least 3 rounds to increase your chance for conception.

Trying to Conceive Naturally (TTC Naturally)

  • Do it…actually do it, before trying anything else! I never recommend heading straight to fertility treatments unless it is an absolute must. If there is any possibility for you to conceive naturally then you should at least try.

  • Skip it…only if you are without a partner or with a partner of the same sex. In other words, only skip it if it’s just not physically possible! I always encourage my clients to try to conceive naturally first by using all the tips, tricks, and information available.

  • Bottom Line...if there is a possibility for you to conceive naturally, create a journey to explore your options within an appropriate timeline. There are so many diagnostic tests to run and natural remedies able to balance your hormones, prepare your body, and build a positive mindset. Explore your options naturally before attempting anything else.

Genetic Testing  

  • Do it…if you can easily afford it and have access to an exceptional clinic. A clinic that is reputable with consistent results is key to your success. Before you take out any loans, research to find the best of the best. Clients that live in the States can gain more insight on clinics nearby at www.sart.org. However, if you have limited funds, I highly recommend using your money for egg retrieval instead of Genetic Testing.

  • Skip it…if you’re not making a lot of embryos and can’t get to day 5. Similarly, skip it if you do get to day 5 but the embryos are tested as genetically abnormal. Granted, this is assuming you’re following the right drug protocol and you’re at an amazing clinic. But if you're not making it to day 5 with an abundance of embryos or the opposite, genetically abnormal embryos, I don’t believe you are to blame. Don’t take those results as an absolute and skip ahead to explore your other options.

  • Bottom Line...there is a risk in everything. With a 20% chance of error, these tests are far from perfect. Even at the top clinics, there is always a chance for an unsuccessful implant, or a successful implant to turn into a miscarry, or to conceive a genetically unhealthy baby. I see it all the time. I challenge you to examine and weigh the risk. Genetic testing is a rigorous process for the embryos to undergo. Consider not putting them through this manipulation when they may very well be healthy now.

“The way to know if you should try to conceive naturally or move on to fertility treatments is to first have ALL of the information.” - Episode 9 (11:03 - 11:15)

I can’t stress enough to not take what I say as black and white. These are my recommendations based off of the generalizations I’ve encountered over the years. There are SO many variables to consider. Because your journey is unique, is crucial for you to focus on your own customized approach. Keep researching and gaining all the information available before moving to fertility treatments. If anything, I hope this was helpful in shedding light on any areas of confusion and inspiring new thoughts and questions to consult your doctor about. I know it’s a lot to take in, but don’t give up! You have so many options to get pregnant. You just have to figure out the best path for you.

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