EP19: Easily Answering Impossible Questions with Intuitive Healer Isabelle Otero

“Once you hand over control, it’s a relief of pressure. You ultimately know that the universe, your angels, God has your back.” - Episode 19 (48:31 - 48:45)

The spiritual techniques for getting pregnant. 

This was the topic for my latest episode of the FU Project podcast. You can listen here.

Are you doing everything right and questioning why you still can’t get pregnant? 

Isabelle Otero may have your answer. 

Isabelle is the Founder of Crystaline Heart and is an Intuitive Healer who works to open channels of enlightenment. Through her own battle with debilitating anxiety, she has learned how to properly heal through the use of hypnosis, heavenly angels, meditation, and visualization. She believes that you can break free from whatever is holding you back from reaching motherhood by connecting with the psychic energies of this world!

“When it gets too hard, or there are too many roadblocks, the direction you are headed is most likely not the best way to go. Stop and regroup.” - Episode 19 (34:31 - 34:41)

There is so much more to pregnancy than meets the eye. Are you ready to delve deeper and create space for your precious child?

Here are four spiritual techniques Isabelle highly recommends.

Hypnosis. Before you shrink into a corner, we’re not referring to carnival tricks that make you cluck like a chicken in a crowded room of spectators! Modern-day hypnosis is way less humiliating and far more helpful. It’s a painless technique that enables you to tap directly into the subconscious mind. There, within the pool of early memories and experiences recorded from childbirth, the therapist moves through a set of skilled questions. The hope is for you to clear out decades of garbage. But willing active participation is key for successful and immediate results.

Heavenly Angels. Believe it or not, the spiritual world is a powerful realm we all have access to anytime, anywhere. Angels are real messengers with the primary purpose to bring peace and help. All you have to do is ask! It doesn’t matter your religion, ethnicity, or sexual identity. These ethereal beings are non-denominational and universal. Go ahead! We challenge you to reach out with both large and small requests from a successful round of IVF to being able to quickly find an available parking space. Just remember divine timing doesn’t always align with yours. Stay patient.

Meditation. The best way to hear the messages of the universe in regards to your impossible questions is by meditation. No, you don’t have to sit perfectly still on a round cushion in double pigeon! You just need enough of a pause that will create space to connect and listen in. That could mean a bike ride or an hour of yoga! The more you continue to engage in your spiritual practice the more you build your intuitive muscle. However, keep in mind the nature of duality. An exploration into the spiritual is bound to reveal both light and dark forces.

Visualization. The practice of visualization is an absolute must for mothers-to-be. It’s a powerful tool for the manifestation of our true heart’s desires. Begin to imagine or physically write out your unborn child’s features and characteristics. Realize that their energy is already here. Don’t be afraid to connect with them in the midst of their transformation to our earthly world. Your love is key to their arrival. The heart emits the highest frequency of energy like a lighthouse across the sea. Its beams of love will call your unborn child into this world.

“Love creates miracles. Love transcends time and space.” - Episode 19 (1:04:11 - 1:04:15)

The exploration of spiritual techniques can provide you answers to your impossible questions. Though they may be unconventional, hypnosis, heavenly angels, meditation, and visualization are all highly efficient. I would know! I’ve been one of Isabelle’s clients for the past five years. 

There’s just no denying it! Something greater, stronger, and entirely good is behind the scenes of your fertility journey working for the best possible outcome. 

The clock of divinity knows the right time for your pregnancy. 

Are you willing to place your trust in its hands?


With thanks & love,


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