EP2: The One Thing I Dread Telling Clients (and no, it's not that I can't show you how to get pregnant)

“I know that immediately, I might lose my client, but I  must tell people when I feel that their resources are going to be wasted.” Episode 2 (3:05)

Choosing the right clinic is vital for the success of your IVF treatments - even if it means leaving the one you like.

Loyalty is an excellent quality until it's not.

When women are on their fertility journey, the idea of changing doctors or clinics can be scary and uncomfortable.

I hate to hear clients say, “But I love my doctor!” It is my responsibility to research the doctor in question to be sure that they have the stats and the skill to get clients pregnant - and when they don't, that means a very difficult conversation is in order.

There are a lot of factors that go into which fertility clinic a mom-to-be chooses, not the least of which is emotional comfort, familiarity, and the hassles that could come with going elsewhere.

“When people think all doctors and  labs are the same, that is a huge misconception.”
- Tasha Blasi (8:18)

That said, I ask a couple of questions to clients who choose to stay with their current, less-than-ideal clinic:First, is there anything I myself can fix? This usually means protocols to recommend.

Second, is the client willing, emotionally and financially, to commit to 3 more egg retrievals at the clinic? In my view, each new clinic gets 2 rounds of IVF before judgment. However, if the results of the second round do not exceed those of the first, it's time to cut ties. If it hasn't happened at this point, it's not going to happen.

As my clients wrestle with these questions, they are given an exercise that lends a little clarity to the decision at hand. The point of this exercise is to get out of your own way where changing labs is concerned. Women and their partners  can do this by recognizing what stands in the way of a successful round of IVF.  

If you're struggling with the decision to change clinics, put the problem on paper.

Writing out a list of pros and cons related to each possible clinic is a fabulous start. As you go, it helps to cross off every item that has nothing to do with successful IVF. These are often things like the convenience of the current clinic, the timing, good feelings at the current place versus the next, etc. After all the extra has been crossed off, does one clinic stand out above the other? Is there a clear winner?

The other question at hand, for those who have already bought a bundle of retrievals and transfers is this, if you canceled right now, how much of your money would you get back? The typical answer is half. If you got half of your money back, look at it as an investment in the right choice of clinics for your fertility journey.

Finally, my clients must also consider the question of results. If you stay where you are now and get the same results, or worse, would you leave after the next time? If so, you need to be done at that clinic.

“I don't charge more the longer you're in my program. I charge based on a result. When you have your baby is when my job is done.”

I make clinic recommendations based on a bundle of factors to ensure that each hopeful mother gets exactly the care her situation calls for. Not only that, but my efforts are driven by the desire to see my clients’ fertility journey end happily, not by any sort of revenue incentive. The FU Project only succeeds once you hold your baby in your arms.