EP21: How to Master and Change Your Life with Audrey Hazekamp

“Practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t make perfect, but it does make mastery.”  - Episode 21 (1:01:10 - 1:01:15)

The unique ways to become the author of your experience. 

This was the topic for my latest episode of the FU Project podcast. You can listen here.

Do you want to unlock your full potential? 

Audrey Hazekamp is a master game-changer who can help you get rid of all the gunk in your way!

As an Integrative Life Coach, Audrey provides a whole system approach based on intelligence and discovery. She has recently been described as a “stealth guided missile of love” who nurtures radical transformation that sustains real and practical change. If you want to not only survive but thrive, then look no further. Audrey believes you can step into a place of limitless wholeness as soon as today!

“Every system wants to move towards wholeness. It’s not like you’re creating it. It’s already there. Sometimes it just gets covered up with a crust.” - Episode 21 (16:37 - 16:49)

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to create an experience of wholeness for yourself? Take charge!

Here are five unique ways you can begin the revolution.

1. Take off your Wonder Woman cape. Hey you! Stop being a hero! The truth is, whether you want to hear it or not, nobody actually needs you. Every individual has a responsibility to manage their own feelings and actions accordingly. Hang up that cape and focus on you. Remember your self-worth is not determined by what you do but who you are.

2. Exercise the power of “no.” A big piece of embracing wholeness is by honestly expressing everything you’re not. This means you may have to, gasp, disappoint some people. Better disappointment than burnout! Build a fluid relationship with the word “no” to create a healthy border around your sources of energy.

3. Step into a mindset of growth. Life is not meant to be a linear path. There will be many twists, and turns. However, the world is actually conspiring in your favor. Open yourself to the “new!” Obstacles are opportunities for growth, no matter the outcome. Transformation can be a grand adventure. Dump the serious attitude and try to have some fun!

4. Get really friendly with fear. If you’re interested in any kind of personal development, then you will experience fear. The next time you do, recognize where and how it shows up. Learn to participate as an ally and shift your physiology. Then you will gain the power to steer your thoughts in the direction of your choice. 

5. Be willing to show up and look stupid. It’s common to hold oneself back in fear of sounding, acting, or feeling ridiculous. Can you allot some grace for the awkward and clumsy moments in life? Perhaps engage with a sense of humor? Loosen up! It’s impossible to always say the right things and move in graceful ways. Just show up, give it your best, and shrug off the rest.

“Don’t let fear be the stopping point, the point where you put your brakes on and say, ‘that’s it I’m not going any farther.’ Find your breath and learn how to participate with fear as an ally. - Episode 21 (40:27  - 40:41)

You are already whole, complete, and fully capable. 

What would happen if you actually believed this as truth on your fertility journey? 

If the idea seems far fetched or scary, then start small. Pick just one of the five points above to work on this week for a sense of wholeness. Keep in mind that mastery results from consistent daily practice. The sooner you start the sooner you can find yourself, your confidence, and step fully into motherhood.

Begin today. Come to the edge and take one small step forward. 

A life of fulfillment awaits.

With thanks & love,


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