Pilot - The FU Project Podcast with Tasha Blasi

Welcome to the Fertilitites Unite Project. (Also referred to as the FU Project. Yes, that was intentional.) I’m Tasha Blasi, founder of the FU Project, mother of two very expensive children, and your fertility expert. I went through ten rounds of IVF so that you’ll never have to. Having children was one of the most challenging, and expensive, things I have ever done, but I believe my difficult path to parenthood was meant to help you. My goal is to help you do IVF easier, smarter, and cheaper than I did.

“What is a fertilitite?” you may ask. A fertilitite is a brave and empowered person going through fertility treatments that takes control of the journey by arming herself with knowledge and support.

I have spent years studying, teaching and doing an insane amount of research to discover the science and environmental factors behind a successful fertility journey, and I’m ready to share with you all that I have learned. Each week I will be unraveling your fertility mystery by sharing the best practices in my key pillars to a successful pregnancy: Science, Environment, Mindset, and Support. Fertility clinics are probably not telling you that these pillars are all equally important and are all equally significant to a successful pregnancy. Using these pillars, and the knowledge I have gained, I will be sharing strategies that I have seen work for hundreds of women around the world who are now proud mothers of beautiful little humans. This process has worked for 100% of the women who have completed my program, and it can work for you.

If you are trying to conceive, are currently in the midst of IVF, or are feeling worn down and frustrated from an eternity of trying to get or stay pregnant, this podcast is for you. You are not alone on this journey. Join the community, join the movement, join the ranks of motherhood. Join the FU Project.

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