EP14: So You Might Need an Egg Donor Soon?

“If you’re willing to love your child unconditionally, then you are in a great space to accept the potential need for an egg donor one day.”

- Episode 14 (15:52 - 16:04)

The mindset and steps involved in the selection process. 

This was the topic for my latest episode of the FU Project podcast. You can listen here.

No woman wants to hear a doctor recommend she use another woman’s eggs for pregnancy! It can feel defeating. However, the procedure is just one of the many opportunities available for you to have the family of your dreams! Open yourself to this as one possibility and change your mindset to determine whether you are ready to take the appropriate steps in choosing and using an egg donor.

“Children are an energy with accessories.” -Episode 14 (4:53 - 4:58)

Each and every child should be perceived as an energy that will someday transform into a physical body. Regardless of whether they are naturally conceived or not, their outward appearance, specific characteristics, and time of birth are beyond your control. Thankfully, you are able to control the amount of love you give whenever and however they do show up! You must be willing to love your child unconditionally in spite of this. 

Without a mindset of unconditional love, you will be unable to move forward as a successful parent, period! With this mindset, you can healthily continue your journey into motherhood and accept the possibility of using an egg donor. 

There are four steps you should take when choosing.

  1. As always, clinic first! Check how good your clinic is on sart.org. Remember, donor eggs should be plentiful from young twenty-something-year-olds. Ensure that both the number of cases per year and the stat on “Thawed Embryos with Donor Eggs” is high to indicate the best quality. 

  2. Understand the medical aspect. You need to know that there won’t be any issues with your blood, your husband’s blood or sperm in relation to the egg donor. Triple check the compatibility before going ahead.

  3. Have a decluttered body and mind and feel the right fit. Push aside the physical looks of a donor and carefully read their profile. Listen to what you feel over what you see.

  4. Heed any obstacles as warning signs. If you experience any issues or delays with a donor, then move on. Don’t force it or you will regret it later.

“I want you to remember you are a mom. You are going to be a mom.” 

- Episode 14 (3:06 - 3:14)

At the end of the day, what your doctor says is not always absolute. It’s your call. If you do decide to use an egg donor, then be ready to share a magnificent story with your children of the search to grow a very special seed in Mommy’s belly. Stress how thankful you are they chose to show up and sprout at the exact time and way that they did. Let them know your love is unconditional.

Regardless of the option you choose, your perfect child will come at the perfect time. 

Have faith and get ready to love them as they manifest into their spectacular uniqueness.

With thanks & love,


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