EP15: Who Does and Does Not Need a Fertility Coach?

“If you are going to join a coach and their program with a very specific process that shows you how to get pregnant, then you really have to trust them.”

 - Episode 15 (18:26 - 18:41)

A fertility coach can be a time saver or time waster for you. 

This was the topic for my latest episode of the FU Project podcast. You can listen here.

Are you thinking about hiring a fertility coach? Well, brace yourself! What I’m about to say may come as a shock. 

Coaching isn’t for everyone. 

The truth is you have a limited amount of precious resources including time, money, and energy. It is important to create protective boundaries and choose wisely in how you spend them. Evaluate your current situation to decide whether hiring and utilizing a fertility coach could be a time saver or a time waster on your journey to motherhood.

“A coach is a strategy to get the inside scoop, the upper hand, the fast track to success.” - Episode 15 (2:55 - 3:02)

People today use coaches for many different reasons. The most common is to swiftly and efficiently fulfill an intended goal. In the case of all you Fertilitites, that goal is pregnancy! 

Here are three situations where I would suggest you immediately hire a fertility coach.

  1. You anticipate, or are currently feeling drained. The energy that it takes for you to learn something new either equates to time wasted or well used. Is it that important and worth the cost to figure it all out on your own? Preserve your precious resources by hiring a professional with experience.

  2. You’re anxious to not mess up because of how important it is to you. Let’s be honest, reading self-help books on fertility can only get you so far! You want the exact answer for your exact situation. A coach can provide strategies for immediate improvement. Guaranteed, or your money back!

  3. You understand starting wrong and re-starting again is ten times more costly than starting right. Yes, I know hiring a coach is expensive. But it won’t be as expensive as starting and restarting again because you failed to invest in expert guidance from the beginning. 

If any of the above isn’t resonating with you then hiring a fertility coach would be a time waster and not a time saver. You must be able to fully trust, let go of your ideas on how your journey should look, and agree to follow a structured plan to successfully utilize a fertility coach. 

Are you willing to surrender? It’s okay if you’re not. 

But if you are, then you can begin to look for the right fertility coach. A good place to start would be asking for referrals. However, remember that even the most promising referrals don’t always pan out. Don’t give up! Continue to research your many options. Listen to your feelings when reading through a fertility coach’s online content. Everything should vibe. Your intuition should be screaming, “Hell yes! I like this person!” But most importantly you should feel confident in your ability to trust them.

“There are plenty of people out there that are able to help you. You just need to find somebody that you can trust.” - Episode 15 (17:45 - 17:57)

Are you still not clear on whether you need a fertility coach?

Complete a quick list of pros and cons! As you read over it, take out any reasons that may hinder you from successfully getting pregnant. Then in your mind’s eye fast forward a year from now to the worst case scenario. If you’re sickened by the thought of still not being pregnant, then it’s pretty clear you shouldn’t invest in a fertility coach. But if the thought doesn’t bother you, even when considering the worst, then I’d say go for it! 

Only you can weigh the cost and determine if a fertility coach would be worth your precious resources. 

Choose that which will save you time and not waste it to hold your baby as soon as possible!

With thanks & love,


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