When I was trying to get pregnant with Mila (round 10 of IVF), I remember saying, “At this point, I don’t care if a monkey comes out of my vagina.  It will be my baby and I will love it.”  

I knew two things. First, I wanted to have a baby so badly that I didn’t care what it looked like (or if it was even the same species as me) as long as it came from my vagina. Second, I would do anything to achieve my results and stop the emotional roller coaster I had been on for the last three years.

So, why am I telling you all of this.   

I would love for you to fill out an application to have a complimentary strategy session with me if you are considering or doing fertility treatments and...

You can't take one more friend telling you that she is accidentally pregnant or feeling the aching pain at another baby shower

You are tired of being anxious, scared, and angry over your fertility journey

You are scared that you are losing time, money, and emotional energy too quickly  

Someone is telling you that you need donor eggs and you just aren't ready to consider that alternative

You are doing everything right with your fertility treatments and the embryos just aren't sticking

You are scared to get pregnant again because you fear you will have another miscarriage

You are at the point that I was where you would do anything (healthy and productive) to achieve your desired results

You understood that I was kidding, but could relate to me saying, "I don't care if a monkey comes out of my vagina..." then take 2 steps towards pregnancy now.  

Step 1. Click the button, "Yes!  I'm Ready!!!"


Step 2. You will be taken to a Q&A about your current journey and needs, and to my online scheduler to set up a time to talk.  

Step 3.  (All me) I will review your Q&A before we talk.  Two things will happen. 

1.) I might determine that we don't need to talk and you just need some resources to get you on track.  In that situation, I will email you those resources and cancel our call.

2.) I will show up to our call armed with a customized strategy for you that will preserve your time, money, and emotional energy and finally get you pregnant.

Sound good?  If so, click, "Yes!  I'm Ready!!!"


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