Call me for a FREE strategy sessions and you might finally get your answer to, "Why isn't this working?  What am I missing?!"

What's Included: 30 minutes (or more) spent analyzing your fertility journey before and after we speak, and a 30 minute phone call with me.  
How it Works:  When you schedule (link below), you will be asked a set of questions.  You can answer all or none.  I show up to our call prepared with your story and ready to immediately help you get or stay pregnant.

In the initial consult, I will answer:

  • Are you doing the right treatments?
  • Are you at the right clinic?
  • Are you trying to get pregnant naturally correctly?
  • Have certain tests been done that might answer why you are not successfully getting or staying pregnant?
  • Are there any red flags that I see in your story that need to be addressed?

 After the call, I will follow-up with a written summary of our call and with recommended strategy, resources, and next steps.