I'm Tasha Blasi, Founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project (or, FU Project- yes that was intentional).

Good news!  There are only 3 reasons why you are not pregnant right now.

1.) The science you are using
2.) Your Environment
3.) Your Mindset

It took me ten rounds of IVF to have my two children. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have never needed ten rounds of IVF. For you, my goal is simple- fix those three things above and get you to a healthy pregnancy quickly.

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And to learn about my dysfunctional relationship with IVF you can check out this article that I wrote or any of the FU-TV videosThis one and this one are my favorites so far.  

Looking forward to making happy mommies and healthy babies!

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Tasha’s program is AMAZING. She is relatable, honest, and super well researched. Most importantly, she is calming and conveys her messages in a clear, yet comforting manner. The videos are well produced, easy to follow, engaging, and to the point. I highly recommend watching these videos before or during your IVF journey.
— Dr. Jaime Knopman, MD- Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, NY


Note: This video does not include the newest programs available in the FU Project.  Please go to "call me" to set up a consult and learn more.

Tasha is extremely well-versed in naturally cleaning out the body and clearing the mind to promote overall wellness and fertility. She is always seeking out and learning more effective and efficient ways to help her clients. We often discuss the best supplements and diagnostic tests out there that can help reduce inflammation and anxiety for her clients. If you want to start off your fertility journey on the right foot, Tasha should be your first call - even before calling the fertility clinic.
— Dr. Erica Song, MD- Vibrant Life Medicine


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