I'm Tasha Blasi, Founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project (or, FU Project- yes, that was intentional).

It took me ten rounds of IVF to have my two children. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have never needed ten rounds of IVF. I wasted TONS of my T.I.M.E. (time, investment (money), mental health and energy) trying to figure out what was stopping my extremely healthy body from getting pregnant.

After years of studying, teaching and researching the science and environmental factors behind a successful fertility journey, I created the FU Project Workshop so that women can know that they are not making a mistake in their own fertility journey. If you are like me, you like to take control of anything in your life. Especially something as important as creating your family. But knowing all of the information to something to technical and scientific, and understanding that the Science is just one part of it, is impossible.

I know that you are doing the best with what you know. And if you are still not successful (or don’t want to experience being unsuccessful from the beginning), I offer a proven method for you to take control of on your fertility journey.

I also offer a money-back guarantee if you do the program, and give my team and me a chance to show you what to do, and you don’t get pregnant.

This guarantee is surprising to most, but makes complete sense to me. I was there. I know what you are going through and how it feels to be you right now. I refuse to be a part of the T.I.M.E. drain (especially money) that the fertility industry breeds. 

Now, don’t look at this guarantee as a guaranteed pregnancy. I am not a magic pill or fertility fairy as some say I am.

What I am guaranteeing is that you will not make a mistake in your fertility journey and potentially lose tens of thousands of dollars not including the cost of your time, energy, time away from the life that you want, and mental health.

What I am guaranteeing is that you will have total clarity, guidance and support on what you need to do to have a successful pregnancy. No more online researching yourself, no more doubting yourself, no more blaming yourself, and no more trusting unbiased sources that are basing recommendations on revenue goals.

Click here to learn about my program and set up a complimentary one-on-one with one of the support coaches on my team. On the call we can learn about your fertility goals, help you identify red flags in your journey so that you can best move forward, and see if our program could help you.  

This call will set the foundation for what might be missing in your current fertility journey and what could help you quickly move forward.

And to learn about my dysfunctional relationship with IVF you can check out this article that I wrote or any of the FU-TV videosThis one and this one are my favorites so far.  

Looking forward to connecting with you.

With thanks & love,
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Tasha’s program is AMAZING. She is relatable, honest, and super well researched. Most importantly, she is calming and conveys her messages in a clear, yet comforting manner...I highly recommend [Tasha’s program] before or during your IVF journey.
— Dr. Jaime Knopman

Tasha is extremely well-versed in naturally cleaning out the body and clearing the mind to promote overall wellness and fertility. She is always seeking out and learning more effective and efficient ways to help her clients. We often discuss the best supplements and diagnostic tests out there that can help reduce inflammation and anxiety for her clients. If you want to start off your fertility journey on the right foot, Tasha should be your first call - even before calling the fertility clinic.
— Dr. Erica Song, MD- Vibrant Life Medicine


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